In order to write this blog I have to openly admit I went to the movie theater and paid to see the 2016 movie 'The Boy' and so lets move on to my worst movies list.

I know I'm not the only one who has been duped into seeing a movie based on the trailer, and maybe some of the actors who star in the film.

Even some of the actors themselves have felt embarrassed for appearing in them.
Sylvester Stallone said 'Stop or My Mom Will Shoot You' may be one of the worst movies in the entire solar system, and for James Franco's 'Your Highness' he said quote 'It Sucks'

I thought with the Tinsel Town elite confessing to their most horrendous work, I'd list some of the movies I wished I hadn't paid to see.

Photo Doug Mosher

Doug's Worst Movies List

  • I am a fan of horror- supernatural thrillers so when the trailer came out for 'The Boy' my wife and I both wanted to see it. The movie was based on a creepy looking porcelain doll that apparently comes to life, it stars Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie in the AMC series 'The Walking Dead' who babysits the doll for an elderly nut bag couple who believe the doll is their son who was killed in a fire, only to find out (SPOILER ALERT) that the son is still alive and hiding in the walls.This film should have come with a paper bag to put over your head before you exit the theater.
  • The 1991 Wes Craven movie 'People Under The Stairs' left me holding my over priced popcorn in total disappointment, not to mention confusion of what I just saw.
  • The next on my list Mark Wahlberg's embarrassment of a movie, the 2008 film called 'The Happening' another what the hell moment for me, what's with the trees and plants????
  • I never even made it through the 1987 movie 'Ishtar' but it's hard for me to believe that  Dustin Hoffman, who played Chuck Clark in this Ishtar, won an Oscar for best actor in 'Rain Man'
  • My choice for one of the worst horror films ever; the 1974 movie 'It's Alive" a monster baby that goes around killing people? I could have created better special effects, if I tied a string around one of my sisters baby dolls, and dragged it through the hall.
  • And at the bottom of the barrel, the 2011 Adam Sandler Film 'Jack and Jill', in my opinion a movie so bad, I wanted to put my popcorn bucket over my head when I left the theater.

That was just a few of the worst movies I've ever paid to see, watch them at your own risk, you have been warned.