One of our sales women, Katina, had told me about a scary situation in downtown Binghamton a while back where she felt that she was being followed to her car by a sketchy dude. She ended up purchasing some pepper spray, and I told her, "You know I teach self-defense, right?" She didn't realize that I have a 1st degree black belt in Shokido Combat Jiu Jitsu, and I've been training for over 14 years in defensive tactics, 6 of those years have been as a teacher. She decided that if she was going to take some lessons, we might as well video tape them, so that we can "share the wealth", and maybe help a person or two in the process.

Today's video is a follow-up from last week's defense from a wrist grab and pull, where you end up on the ground, on your back. Each week, these videos will build on each other, so if you missed last week, CLICK HERE to catch up. In this video, you are on your back, and the attacker has gained control by mounting over your upper body and holding you down.

Today's lesson will cover two defensive processes:

  1. Establish a base by bringing up and planting your feet, allowing for a "bridge" or "bucking" action by raising your hips.
  2. Explosively buck your hips straight up, to bring the attacker off of their center of gravity, and their base.
  3. As you are bridging, try to take away at least one of their grips by pulling away, or extending your arm(s) straight up, as they roll off of you.
  4. Make A LOT of noise ("Let go of me!  I don't know you! Somebody Help! Call Police!") - and make it clear that this isn't someone that you know that has malicious intentions.
  5. Run until you are away from danger, or can get help.