Today is International Women's Day where the entire world celebrates women. So I figured I would pay tribute to the women of classic rock.

When I was really young, I'm talking seven or eight, my sister Jeanine had a couple of albums from Linda Ronstadt. I remember the album cover of her in a school hallway wearing roller skates and I thought she was hot. So I would borrow my sister's album and listen to them. She also had Heart and Fleetwood Mac albums as well. I would borrow them and take them into my room and listen to them on my record player. They were the first female rockers I was exposed to. (That doesn't sound right)

Years later, I remember being in my brother-in-law John's car in 1980. He was taking me to a high school basketball game. He had Pat Benatar's 'Crimes of Passion in' in the cassette player and it was love at first listen. I remember going out and buying that album and Pat's first album 'In the Heat of the Night' as soon as I scraped up enough money. I was in love with Pat Benatar. I thought for sure when I grew up, I would marry her. Pat went on to marry her guitar player Neil Giraldo and it broke my heart. Still to this day she is my all-time favorite female rocker. I thought her first four albums were awesome. Below are my top five favorite women of classic rock. Notable mentions that did not make the list that I have respect for include; Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders and Debbie Harry from Blondie.


  • Mark Davis / Getty Images
    Mark Davis / Getty Images

    Pat Benatar

    Pat is still my favorite female rocker.

  • Thos Robinson / Getty Images
    Thos Robinson / Getty Images

    Joan Jett

    I still remember hearing Joan's version of 'I Love Rock n Roll' when it first came out. We played it all the time on the jukebox at the Pizza place in our neighborhood.

  • Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Ann and Nancy Wilson

    I remember being in my sister's room listening to Magic Man, Barracuda, and Crazy On You, and thinking these women rock!

  • Steven Ferdman / Getty Images
    Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

    Stevie Nicks

    Stevie has that unique unmistakeable voice that I enjoyed from the very first time I heard her on a Fleetwood Mac album. I did have to laugh though when the TV show 'South Park' had her as a goat.

  • Evening Standard / Getty Images
    Evening Standard / Getty Images

    Janis Joplin

    Janis was awesome. That raspy voice was incredible. She died way too young. I can't help but think how many more great songs we would have from her if she was still alive.

  • Mike Coppola/ Getty Images for CMT
    Mike Coppola/ Getty Images for CMT

    Lzzy Hale

    Lizzy broke on to the rock scene in 2009, so not really "Classic Rock" so she didn't make the list. But, I had to give her an honorable mention because she is an incredible singer, a great guitarist, and I had a chance to hang out with her and her band Halestorm a few times, and she is an awesome person. Not to mention she is 'very' easy on the eyes. If you've never heard of them, check them out.

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