Wine prices are expected to decrease because there is an excess supply of grapes.

According to KTRK, ABC13, the Allied Grape Growers stated that there was an estimated 100,000 tons of grapes that we're not picked from vines in California, because there was no demand for them.
They also stated that the sale of California wines, especially on wines being exported, have dropped consistently since 2014.

With the supply being high and the demand dropping over the last six years, experts say wineries will be forced to lower their prices on their products.

The report did not say whether or not the Finger Lake wineries are experiencing the same situation, but if California wineries drop their prices to increase sales, New York wineries might have to follow suit to sell their products.

This is good news for wine connoisseurs who can expect to find better quality wines at lower prices in the very near future

[via KTRK]

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