Please tell me we are not going back to this. Can a toilet paper shortage be a thing again? I can't imagine any valid reason why, nor did I think it should have been an issue at the beginning of the pandemic.

According to Business Insider, some Cosco stores are reporting a shortage of toilet paper, and water as well. Apparently some people are thinking about the possibility to stockpile these items because of the Delta variant.

The Business Insider report states that some Cosco stores have run out of both toilet paper and water on their shelves. And some shoppers are complainng that there have been limits on the amount of product you can purchase at one time. We went through this last year, and it wan't pleasant if you recall, and I imagine you do.

The website Supermarket News recently reported that consumer stockpiling could be happening again. In a survey, almost 70 percent of those questioned, say that they are considering replenishing or creating a stockpile of groceries and essential products due to the spread of the Delta variant.

It reminds me of a couple of chipmunks that have been hanging around my camper. My wife and I feed the wild birds from a bird feeder in a tree, and also have a small feeder on the ground. These two chipmunks will come by after I've filled up the ground feeder, fill their cheeks with wild bird seed, and run off to wherever they have their stockpile of seeds for the upcoming winter.

Have we become a world of chipmunks? Well, at least they are cute. People hoarding toilet paper? Well, I'll leave that opinion in your hands. For me, I'lll continue to buy my essentials as I need them.

via Business Insider, Supermarket News

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