Nicknames. Every town has one or two. The Binghamton area has several. I don't mean the negative ones you hear on the street referring to bad weather, lack of good jobs, pothole city, etc., I mean names that have helped to shaped our community.

The Binghamton area has a proud history, and it's home to many families who have been here for generations and are proud to call it heir home..

I have listed five area nicknames that you know, but may have not known where they came from! There are probably more that I've missed, so add to the list!


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    The Parlor City

    My first thought when I heard this name was, are there lots of parlors in area homes? Well, kind of. The name came about because of the many stately manors that were built in the community.

    Traci Taylor
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    Valley of Opportunity

    In the 1800's and 1900's, many immigrants settled in the Binghamton area due to the great opportunity of employment with many manufacturing companies here.

    Bob Joseph/WNBF News
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    Home of the Square Deal

    George F. Johnson gave our community many great things. Endicott-Johnson workers got the chance to purchase E.J. built and financed homes. Mr. Johnson built libraries, swimming pools, parks, theaters and much more for the area.

    Bob Joseph/WNBF News
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    Carousel Capitol of the World

    The Triple Cities area is home to 6 carousels.There are under 200 antique carousels on the world, and we have 6! What other city can lay claim to that? And they are all free to ride.

    Bob Joseph/ WNBF NEWS
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    Binghamton is named after a wealthy Philadelphia businessman who purchased land in the area back in the 1700's. Binghamton was originally called Chenango Point.

    Traci Taylor