Last week, the folks over at Bro Bible had the opportunity to interview Dana White, President of the UFC. They decided that they would ask him a very important and pressing question that was completely unrelated to the upcoming UFC 200 with our local boy, Jon "Bones" Jones.

Bro Bible: Which Mike Judge characters would make the best UFC fighters?

Dana White: I’m not sure but I know which UFC fighters would make good Mike Judge characters — Cowboy Cerrone and Nick and Nate Diaz.

Bro Bible: Beavis vs. Butthead in the Octagon. Who wins?

Dana White: Butthead is the smarter of the two but Beavis would win because he’s tougher. He is always getting beaten up – he’s constantly getting kicked and slapped. Butthead is a bully.

So, there you have it. Butthead is smarter and bigger, but Beavis is tougher, and can take a pounding but keep on coming forward! What do you think? Would Beavis win because he's durable? Or would Butthead win because he's bigger?

This was all on the heels of the release of this King of the Hill/Ren and Stimpy inspired video, promoting UFC 200:

[via Bro Bible, UFC]