A woman’s work may indeed never be done.

A new study has found that while men and woman in the US may put in nearly equal hours between their careers and housework, women hold a considerable advantage when it comes to time spent keeping things in order on the homefront.

Research discovered men work about 33 hours a week at their jobs and 17.6 hours in the house (50.6 hours total). At 23.8 hours a week, women work far less than men at their paid jobs, but they ramp it up domestically by putting in 27.1 hours at home for a total of 50.9 hours -- not even half of which is paid. In total, women work about 18 minutes more per week, or almost enough time for a man to watch ‘Seinfeld’ reruns on his DVR while the little missus packs the kids’ lunches for the next day.

The study also found that women work more than men in 22 of 28 countries when combining paid jobs and housekeeping. In every country, women spent more time on cleaning, cooking and helping with the kids than men.

Italy is home to the biggest discrepancy – women spend 11 hours more per week working jobs and chores at home than men. No wonder so many men there are masters of seduction. They have plenty of time to hone their skills.


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