Okay... I'm not sure where to start here. How about what I've always been told to do when being pulled over, whether I know the reason or not.

  1. Turn off the car, take out the keys
  2. Place the keys on the dashboard in plain sight, or even better, on top of the car
  3. Keep your hands in a clearly visible location, perhaps out the window, or on the steering wheel
  4. When the officer arrives and asks for paperwork, let him/her know where it is located, and wait for acknowledgement so that your reaching for the glove box/etc isn't alarming.
  5. Be compliant

Number five is a pretty important part of this, and worthy of more articulation. When I say "be compliant", I don't mean "be extra nice and completely submissive". I mean, be like most every other human, and genuinely nice, respectful, and non-confrontational. Occasionally, you'll come across a person that clearly wasn't raised properly, and is just a straight up mean person, inconsiderate, and confrontational. This man had ZERO reason to act the way that he did, except to try and make a viral video. That being said... the officer did show calmness and kept his energy low, but did not show patience with this clearly inconsiderate person. This man is mostly at fault, but the officer is partially faulted too. I'd score it 75% to 25%.

What do you think? What opinions do you have about this?