Whitesnake returns to frontman David Coverdale's earlier tenure in Deep Purple with a scorching new take on the title track from 1974's Burn. Watch the newly released video above.

"Burn" is part of the forthcoming Whitesnake release The Purple Tour: Live, recorded during dates in support of the Deep Purple-focused Purple Album in 2015. It's due on Jan. 19 on double-LP, single CD, digital, CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray. The double-disc versions feature audio and video, as well as bonus material; this new video for "Burn" is also included. The concert footage has been mixed to 5.1 surround sound.

The Purple Tour: Live also includes updates from the Coverdale-fronted Deep Purple albums Stormbringer (1974) and Come Taste the Band (1975). Coverdale has said the point wasn't to provide note-for-note renditions, so much as to put a new Whitesnake-themed spin on things.

"We just wanted to play the damn songs," he said in pre-release materials. "Each member of the band brought their incredible individual talents and a real band identity to this music. We've all done the best we can with this project with respect to the music, and the legacy of Deep Purple Mk3 and Mk4.”

This is the second preview from The Purple Tour: Live, following a new concert version of "Fool For Your Loving," originally found on Whitesnake's 1990 album Slip of the Tongue. That's not the only Whitesnake material. They also make room for 1984's "Love Ain’t No Stranger" and four songs (including the No. 1 smash "Here I Go Again") from 1987's smash Whitesnake.

Other Deep Purple highlights also include "The Gypsy," "Soldier of Fortune" and "You Fool No One."

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