For some of us, our vehicle kind of defines who we are. We take extra care of that vehicle to make sure it's got the best parts and accessories we can afford. And we obsess with washing our vehicle at least once a week if not more. Heaven forbid if there's a speck of dirt on our ride.

Maybe you've got some custom wheels, a loud exhaust system, shiny paint, powerful engine, expensive suspension and of course a kickin' sound system that will rattle the windows of any house you pass by. I hate the sound of bass rattling my windows. Makes my head just want to explode. Just sayin.

And those tinted windows just add to the coolness of your vehicle. But wait. Just how darkly tinted are your windows? Did you know there is limit to how dark or shaded your vehicle's windows can be? Apparently not everyone got that message because I still see cars and trucks that have tinted or shaded windows so dark, you can't see inside.

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The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles states that your vehicle's windshield and front side windows are not to block more than 30 percent of light. And rear side windows have to allow 70 percent or more of light to pass through the window on several types of vehicles including sedans, convertibles, hardtops and hatchbacks to name a few.

Global Tint USA gives instructions on how you can test your windows to find out the percentage of darkness. Best to check rather than get pulled over and ticketed. and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles states that it is illegal to sell or install glass on a vehicle that is in violation of the law. There are exceptions to the rule, like medical conditions. Check the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for complete details.

via New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, Global Tint USA

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