Well for me, when it comes to sports, I'm already looking forward to September and start of the NFL season. The NHL ended last night with the Washington Capitals beating the Vegas Golden Knights for their first ever Stanley Cup Championship. The Capitals have been in the NHL since 1974, and the only other time they made it to the finals they were swept by Detroit if I remember correctly. I had people tell me I was crazy because "there was no way a Flyers fan should be able to root for the Capitals". Why is that? The team has been in the league for 44 years and never won a championship. I think they paid their dues. Besides, Alexander Ovechkin has been one of the top players in the NHL since his rookie season, and I thought he deserved to get his name on the cup.

My two favorite sports are football and hockey. I used to love to play baseball but I can't watch Major League Baseball on TV anymore. I just find it to be so boring. I know the NBA finals are still taking place, and I used to love the NBA in the 70s, 80s, and even into the early 90s, but I just can't get into that anymore either. The one good thing about hockey and football now being in their offseasons, I can get out and enjoy sports more. I can go golfing or spending some warm nights at NYSEG Stadium watching the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. I'd rather watch them or even a Little League game than a Major League Baseball game because these guys are playing to make it to the big leagues, whereas the big leaguers only seem to play not to get hurt.

So congratulations Washington on your first ever Stanley Cup. I hope the Flyers win it next year. And, as for the NFL, I'm hoping for back-to-back championships for my Eagles.

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