A relative of mine just got diagnosed with prostate cancer. What he learned about the screening process could save your life.

So, my relative got his annual PSA screening and it came out normal. In case you don't know, PSA is an antigen that can show the existence of cancer or other issues.

The optimal word is can. It does not always show there is cancer present. My relative then requested he start seeing a urologist because of his advancing age. Seemed like a good idea, so his primary doc hooked him up. That's when they discovered the prostate cancer.

The thing to know that can save your life is this: always, always get both screening tests done every year. I know the physical test is not a fan favorite, but you could save your life.

If detected early, your chance of being cancer free is very good. If not, you will have a nasty fight on your hand. I am just being starkly honest.

I can't stress how seriously you need to take cancer. People seem to think they are "bullet proof". Well, I thought my Dad was, but lung cancer took him. And prostate cancer is the #2 cancer killer, behind lung cancer, for men.

So get checked every year, for peace of mind if nothing else. Here is the breakdown of what tests can be done and prostate cancer.