If you are on a diet, today is not your day. Today is National Eat What You Want Day.

I am not on a diet. Should be. I Love food. I jokingly say to people that I've chosen my death, and it's because of the food I eat. Or rather the 'bad for me' food that I eat.

So, today is a good day for me to celebrate. The downside is what should I eat to properly honor this important day? Hamburger? Hot dog? BBQ? Pizza? Salad?...c'mon. My mind is exploding with possibilities.

Normally I have a healthy type of cereal and non-fat milk for breakfast.That is a good start...normally. I ran out of cereal. Today's breakfast? Two Pop Tarts. For lunch, I normally have a healthy tuna fish sandwich. Ran out of tuna fish. Today's lunch consists of a crunchy peanut butter sandwich. Crunchy, not creamy. Can't deal with that. Still not the best lunch either way.

That leaves dinner. My choice? A turkey sub and probably potato chips. Again, not a good choice, but really, it's National Eat What You Want Day! I'll make better choices this weekend. No wait, I'm going to a diner for breakfast on Saturday and will probably order the Hungry man's breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, bacon, sausage, buttered toast and maybe a waffle covered with maple syrup. I would substitute grits for the waffle if it was on the menu...with butter and maybe a drip or two of syrup.

And Sunday is Mother's Day, so can't be strict with the food choices on that day, right? Did Someone say pizza? With pepperoni of course. Happy National Eat What You Want Day.

via National Day Calendar

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