Strap in for a vent like you've never experienced from me.

I just read about an adorable, and terminally ill, 2-year-old whose picture was taken from her mom's Facebook page and turned into a nasty meme. You can see in the video that the little girl is sick. But some troll wrote something to the effect of, "the moment she shows you her kid and it looks like this."

The person that created it should be banned from social media for a few reasons.

1) Stealing the picture

2) Being so horrid about a child who is ill

3) Being a disgusting human being and having no clue about decency

In short, scum bag.


Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Then I read that Curt Shilling, former Phillies and Red Sox pitcher, congratulated his daughter on Twitter for being accepted to a college and its softball team. What he got in reply from people on Twitter was beyond disgusting.

Men commented about raping her, her body parts and more. I would put a screen shot of some comments up, but the language would get me fired. It was that bad.

What Curt Shilling did next was awesome. Instead of taking the bait, he retweeted a screenshot, including the handles of the offenders, and found out who they were.

One of the men worked for the Yankees. Notice I say worked. He was terminated immediately upon the team hearing about this. Then there was the jerk college "DJ" who was suspended from school. He will probably never get a job in radio. At least not if I can help it!

I ask again; what the hell is wrong with people? Average, everyday people become monsters on social media. And it is like an epidemic and spreading like wildfire.

You want to see venom and personal attacks? Then check out the comments section of any news story online. Wow.

Not two weeks ago, my friend posted something on Facebook and an actual friend of hers, who is also a Facebook friend, called her a stupid idiot for her beliefs.

What gives you the right to trash others beliefs or stances because they don't agree with yours? Are you kidding me? Reality check people, no one's beliefs are THE ONLY right belief. That isn't how life works. The only absolute facts in this world are that you are born and you die. Period.

The world is going to hell, if social media is any indication. The funny thing is, in our personal lives, we get offended by the tiniest things. Then, we get on social media and act much worse than what we've been offended by.

Come on people! YOU are responsible for what you say and do. No one else. And guess what? You act wrong online and you could lose your job or any prospect of one, because the average person is holding companies to a higher standard than their own standards! Get ready because the age of accepting personal responsibility is here.

Just because you can hide behind the internet doesn't give you the right to be morally revolting. If you are a troll, you are on notice. Paybacks are a bitch!

Vent over.