Last night I went to the Floyd L Maine's Veterans Memorial Arena for the Binghamton Devils game. The Devils beat Utica seven to two. When I got to my house after the game, my wife and I were talking about watching some TV to wind down for the evening. There wasn't much to choose from.

The Academy Awards were on, and as much as I like Jimmy Kimmel, I can't watch award shows anymore, especially the Academy Awards. Most of the movies are ones I've never heard of. When it comes to actors and actresses, I'm horrible with names. I'll see a face and say 'hey that's the guy that was in some other movie', but I still don't know his name. And to be honest with you, I really don't can who wins what awards.

I asked my wife if she wanted to watch the Super Bowl again, and she said; 'you've watched it three times already, so no'. So we called up the guide on TV and started looking through the hundreds of channels that we get. We ended up watching an episode of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' that we have both seen two or three times already.

What did you watch on TV last night?

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