On the Q1057 Facebook page I asked the question “What Guitar Solo Still Gives You Chills No Matter How Many Times You Hear It?”.

For me it’s always been Tony Iommi’s solo in “War Pigs”. It’s not the fastest or most technical guitar solo you’ll ever hear, but it fits the song perfectly and it speaks to me in an emotional way that I can’t quite explain. Of course that’s what makes music so great….it’s personal....you just like what you like.

Here are a few of the great guitar solos that still give you chills, according to your posts.

  • David Gilmore – Kelly and Grant picked “Comfortably Numb” and “Wish You Were Here”
  • Eddie Van Halen – Several votes for anything by EVH from Kelly, Lisa and others
  • Randy Rhoads – We had lots of mentions of Ozzy’s former guitarist for songs like “Crazy Train”, “Over The Mountain”
  • Jake E. Lee – Another of Ozzy’s former guitarists that played on Bark At The Moon was mentioned a few times.
  • Slash – The Guns and Roses guitarist was mentioned several times with “November Rain” being the most popular.
  • One of my favorite posts was from Fred who mentioned former Metallica bass player Cliff Burton’s bass solo  “Anesthesia (pulling teeth)”. It’s an awesome bass solo that Cliff wrote when he was 14!'
  • There were also mentions of Dimebag Darrel, Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith, Neil Schon, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and several others.

So, what guitar solo still gives you chills? Comment below or comment on our Facebook post.

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