My husband has a gluten allergy. It's hard to understand unless you really read up on it. When people try and feed Tom pasta or cake, I have to explain why he can't eat it but they still look at me like I am a whack job.

Gluten, by the way, is a protein in wheat, barley, rye and related grains. It's is used in many foods as a "filler" to add weight and substance to it.

So, how do I get my family and friends to understand? Visuals! It's actually the best way to teach anything.

Here is a video of what gluten actually looks like. Imagine this sticking to the cells in your body (especially digestive tract and colon). It's a poison in many ways, not just to Tom, but to the average person. You are carrying this sludge in your body and adding to it everyday. Not cool.

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