If you are married, you know your wedding photo album is a treasure. There are pictures of you and your significant other on your big day with family and friends. It's a keepsake that's always fun to go back and look at every now and then. As you get older, you look back and treasure the memories of the people that were there to help you celebrate your big day that have since passed on. Some of the pictures are cute, some of them are beautiful, and some of them are silly. When Chris and I got married, the photographer took us to a park, had me lay face down on the grass, and had Chris sit on my back. I thought it was a silly photo. And, looking back at the photo album now, I still think it was a silly photo. But not as silly as a picture of a couple in the Netherlands.

The picture was taken from behind the groom. He has his tuxedo pants down to his knees and his new bride is kneeling down in front of him. It looks like she is helping him enjoy his wedding day even more. The photo has since gone viral. You can click on the link to the Metro website to see the actual picture. And here's the kicker, the idea for the photo came from one of the couple's mothers.

So how do you explain that picture to your kids when they ask, "Daddy, what is mommy doing in this picture"?


[via Metro]

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