And we're back! This year's Food-A-Bago Food Drive to assist families in Broome County is on, and we need your help.

I think this is our 14th year (my memory's not so good these days) and each year Whale listeners come out in force to help with non-perishable food donations that goes to Broome County CHOW to help feed families in our area.

Now, we have 2 tasks given to us and our sister radio stations (Wild 104, 98.1 The Hawk and  Newsradio 1290 WNBF). First, given the fact that Jim's RV in Nichols dropped off a toy hauler for us to fill, we have a tall order to do so. A Toy Hauler basically is a very large travel trailer on steroids. In other words, it's BIG, so that means we have lots of room to fill. Second, Broome County CHOW has challenged us to raise 10 tons of non-perishable food items by the time we leave at 10am on Monday November 10th.

Those are our goal, and to be honest, we can't make it happen with out you. One item, or many items, we don't care. Just donate what you can. When you stop in, visit with us! We love company. The camper is located in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market, 1290 Upper Front Street Binghamton. It's not hard to find us! We have staff in the camper from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, and we'll finish up Monday November 10th from 6am to 10am. We also have CHOW barrels at the camper to drop off food if you only have time for a quick drop off or it's after hours.

Thanks for your help in assisting the needs of many families in Broome County!

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