Once again the Whale's Doug Mosher visited an area McDonalds in Johnson City to take over the Drive Thru for an hour, during that time the Whale randomly paid for customers meals.

If you have even wondered what it was like to work at McDonalds, I can tell you that these people are organized, and when you think about the traffic that comes through the drive thru each day, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Watching this group together for just this one hour was amazing, and being the guy who pops into the McDonalds Drive Thru Window and gets to tell people that lunch is on us is such a great feeling!

On November 18th, The Whale's Doug Mosher went to McDonalds on Harry L Drive in Johnson City for another Whale Drive Thru takeover from 11am to 12pm. McDonalds and 991 The Whale randomly paid for customers purchases throughout the hour. Here is a short glimpse behind the scenes.