Gotta love these national day type events. National Day Calendar keeps us informed on what each day of the year it is. And most, if not all, have several each day.

For example, today is not only Name Yourself Day, it's Chinese Almond Cookie Day, Library Workers Day, Winston Churchill Day, Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day and Cherish an Antique Day.

Now, I understand all those, but was not sure what exactly Name Yourself Day meant, so I looked it up. Seems it allows you to give yourself another name for a day. Not that you need permission.

That leads me to the question: Have you ever changed your name? I mean first name, not last. Is there a name you'd rather have than the one you have?

I like my name - Don. But if pressed, I could see others that I think would be cool. I looked up popular men's names and found a few I like: Jacob, Logan, Owen, Zack. OK, none of them would fit me, but I think they are good names.

According to the Social Security from the years 1918 to 2017, the most popular name for males is James, followed by John, Robert, Michael and William, and the most popular female name is Mary, followed by Patricia, Jennifer, Linda and Elizabeth.

National Name Yourself Day suggests you try a different name for the day, or maybe just a nickname. Who knows, it might stick.

via Social Security and National Day Calendar

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