Happy almost National Rescue Dog Day! The National Day Calendar reports that May 20th is the day we observe what I feel is an important subject - rescuing dogs.

The National Day Calendar mentions a report that according to the ASPCA, there are well over 3 million dogs entering shelters every year. That's a lot of dogs.

All but the very first dog I adopted have come from rescue groups. The first dog I had on my own, was a mutt. I got him on Christmas Eve 1987 at Boscov's in Binghamton. Yes, they had pets back in the 80s, in a pet department in the basement of the store.

His name was Harry, and he turned out to be a great dog, although he did like to chew on just about everything and had to be an only dog. He did not get along well with other dogs, although he did tolerate cats. I had a couple cats during that time.

Harry lived to be 14 years old. I waited a while before considering getting another dog. If you love dogs, you know how hard it is to move on. For some reason, I became interested in Greyhounds. Don't remember why, but after learning about this type of dog, which up until then I knew nothing about, I grew very interested in adopting one.

To be considered, I had to have a home visit from one of the representatives of a regional Greyhound adoption group. After being approved, I joined the group as a member and never looked back.

To date, I have adopted/rescued eight Greyhounds and for a period of about 10 years, fostered over 30 Greyhounds with each eventually being placed into a loving home. Even though I only had each foster for a short period of time, it was easy to get attached.

If you are considering of adopting/rescuing a dog, get to your local shelter and you will find one that is eagerly waiting for that forever home.

via National Day Calendar

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