Yesterday morning I found a story on The Smoking Gun about a 54-year-old guy named John Wayne Kellerman, who got pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma. He and was covered in Vaseline and wearing nothing but a thong. The story went on to say that when the cop asked him for his ID. That too was covered in Vaseline. Kellerman handed the officer a rag along with his ID, telling him he might need that. Turns out the guy admitted to pleasuring himself while he was driving down the road, so the officer didn't want to touch the rag for fear of what he might have used that for. I can't say I blame him.

The story made me think back to when a guy from Virginia destroyed a hotel room at the Motel 6 on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. It happened back in 2004 and I found that story on The Smoking Gun as well. I wanted to make sure it wasn't the same guy and it's not. Here's more from the Smoking Gun on the Motel 6 Binghamton story in case you forgot about it.

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