I'm sure you've seen the 1990 movie 'Home Alone' at least once if not five hundred times. It's the movie that made Macaulay Culkin a household name playing a bratty 8year-old named Kevin McCallister.

He ends up being accidentally left at home while his family flies away for Christmas. The movie is an adventure comedy because robbers think the house is going to be empty so Kevin is forced to defend his house in very unique ways.

The movie was so successful that there's been a handful of sequels made. I remember seeing the original in the theater and laughing thinking it was cute. (Keep scrolling for more)

As time went on you started seeing this movie all over the place because it was safe enough for kids to watch and adults would laugh at it as well. It became one of the movie staples on just about every bus trip I was on from that point forward so I grew a little tired of the movie.

Well now Macaulay Culkin, who is 38 years old, is starring in a television commercial which plays off the 'Home Alone' plot. But instead of him doing all the work, he uses Google products to do things around the house.

I haven't seen the commercial on TV yet, but I've seen it on the internet and that's why I'm sharing it. Check It Out Below

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