I was going to use this as a feel-good Strange But True story this morning but I ran out of time. Besides, I think the video is worth a thousand words.

Two young kids at a carnival in North Carolina, were on a Ferris wheel when their car tipped to its side and got stuck. The two little kids were inside screaming and there was a chance that they could fall out. Carnival workers stopped the ride and a 26-year-old carni worker named Albert Irwin started climbing the Ferris wheel to save them. He pushed on their gondola and got it to sit upright. But then Irwin lost his footing and he fell. He bounced off other parts of the ride all the way down to the ground. But thankfully he only broke his finger. Another employee of the carnival climbed up the wheel to help the kids. Luckily, the kids were okay.

The whole thing was caught on video and aired on Inside Edition. Check out the video below.

[via YouTube/Inside Edition]

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