Roger Waters has released a new video for the song "Wait for Her," which comes from the recently released Is This the Life We Really Want? album.

Like Waters' earlier video for "The Last Refugee," "Wait for Her" stars the actress and dancer Azzura. In between her backstage scenes as she gets ready for a dance performance are shots of Waters and his band playing the song. You can watch the video above.

"That part called for a woman who was an experienced flamenco dancer and who could convincingly have a mother-daughter interaction with a child actress," Sean Evans, the video's creative director, told Rolling Stone. "She’s a trained dancer and when not dancing, she works with kids. She did such a fantastic job during the filming of 'The Last Refugee' that Roger and I wanted to include her in 'Wait for Her.' The song has a yearning that we felt a band performance alone wouldn’t quite address."

As Rolling Stone notes, "Wait for Her" was inspired by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, whose "Lesson From the Kama Sutra (Wait for Her)" is referenced in both the song's lyrics and video. "When Roger wrote this song, his adaptation of the poem took on a sensual yet melancholy tone," Evans said. "The video needed to represent that."

Is This The Life We Really Want? marks the former Pink Floyd bassist's first album since 1992's Amused to Death. Like his past solo work, as well as many of the records he made with Pink Floyd, the new LP is a concept album that balances the personal and political.

Waters is now on tour in North America, playing songs from the album, his past solo discography and Floyd classics. He'll be on the road through late October, when the tour wraps up in Vancouver.

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