We've all been wearing masks since the middle of March to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Most of the masks don't really have a scent to them, unless you wash them, and then maybe you can smell your laundry detergent. After wearing the same mask a couple of times, they actually start to stink. Either from your breath, or if you had a few beers and then put it on, they end up smelling like stale old beer.

I think we can all agree that nobody likes wearing them, but we have to. I think we can tolerate them more if they where to smell like fried bacon.

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Hormel has come up with a new invention, masks that smell like fried bacon according to the New York Post. As of now, there are no plans to sell the masks, but they are giving them away online. To enter to win one of these bacon-scented masks, go to breathablebacon.com before October 28th.

Not only is Hormel giving away the masks for free, for each entry the company receives, they will donate one meal to Feeding America, up to 10,000 meals total. So not only could you get a great bacon-scented mask, but you can help feed the hungry across the United States.

The only downfall I see to wearing a bacon-scented mask, is if I was smelling bacon all day, I would be hungry all day, and craving bacon the whole time I was wearing it. This is a brilliant marketing plan.

I think Lupo's and Salamida should look into making Spiedie-scented masks.

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