I've had Strange But True stories in the past where someone swallowed something to try and prevent police from using it as evidence against them. Everything from drugs to jewelry to rare coins were ingested to keep the cops from getting their hands on it. Most of those stories ended the same way, with the person finally having the item pass through their body naturally. I always feel bad for the cop who has to go through the human waste to find the evidence. I'm sure they don't get paid enough to do that job.

I found this story on Metro.com where a suspect in England, supposedly swallowed drugs when the cops came to arrest him. The cops have been watching his every move since, hoping he would have to answer nature's call so they would finally have the evidence they need to arrest him. Apparently, the man named Lamar Chambers hasn't had a bowel movement in 34 days. According to Metro, he made history on day 24 when he broke the British record for spending the most days in police custody, and the Essex Police even started the hashtag #PooWatch to keep people informed of Chambers' bathroom visits.

I don't know about you, but if I don't go in two days, I feel like I'm going to explode. I can't imagine going five weeks without taking a dump. How is he even still alive?

I know one thing for sure, it is going to be a crappy ending for him.

Read more about the case on the Metro website.

[via Metro]

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