Volunteer Fire Companies in Broome County are looking for new members and are opening their doors tomorrow (Saturday) from noon to 3 P.M to welcome in anyone who is interested in volunteering.  There are thirty volunteer fire companies in Broome County. Most if not all are looking for additional members.

Information provided by the Broome County Fire Chiefs Association and compiled by the Firemen's Association of New York show that volunteer firefighters across the state save taxpayers over an estimated three billion dollars annually.  Statistics from New York State's Office of Fire Prevention and Control show that in 2015 Broome County Volunteer Fire Companies responded to 6,312 alarms.

Volunteer firefighters respond to a wide variety of calls besides fire related.  They help with traffic control, accident scenes, water rescues, floods and other storm damage issues.

While the number of calls continues to be high and often rise each year the need for additional personnel increases.  As veteran firefighters age or are physically unable to do what they have been doing the need for new volunteers becomes critical.

Additional information is available at: broomefire.com or



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