I remember when Pac Man first came out and it was all the rage. Before that, it was just pinball machines.

When I was young I had a paper route. I would stop at this one store at the end of my route and play video games. They had Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Mrs. Pac Man. When I was in 9th grade and I would walk to high school, my friends and I would meet up at a convenience store to walk to school together. We would play video games for a while before we’d start our trek on the half mile walk. We would play Zoo Keeper, Pole Position , Donkey Kong or whatever game they had there at the time.

I know there are arcades on Clinton Street and now there's one on the Vestal Parkway across from the Skylark Diner. Today, I discovered that the World Video Game Hall Of Fame is in Rochester at the Strong Museum and I'm thinking I might have to go check that out. They released their finalists for this year’s inductions and the games include Donkey Kong and Wii Sports as well as Windows Solitaire and a bunch more. The winners will be inducted on May 4th.

What were your favorite games to play?

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