Team USA found themselves in another shoot out with an opponent in the final minutes of the game but managed to hold on and defeat France 100-97 in the last game of the preliminaries.

The United States has the best players on paper and looking at the match ups its easy to assume the elite USA Dream Team will roll over the rest of the countries they face in this years Olympic competition.

Team USA rolled over their first two match ups with China and Venezuela, but struggled against Australia, Serbia, and France.

This 2016 USA team was supposed to have one of the best defenses of past years and clearly that is not the case.

I feel one of the biggest reasons has to do with the things you can't put on paper like the heart and confidence of the other teams they have faced.

Still at this point the USA has been Tough Enough to win all 5 games, becoming the number one seed in the quarterfinals.

Their next opponent has yet to be determined but Wednesday night I think you will see a more determined United States squad.

I am confident that the USA will advanced to the finals and win the gold medal this year, unless they have a complete meltdown which is highly unlikely.

I liek the fact that the last three games have been close and exciting, I think you need that in any elite event, especially one that is a world competition like the Olympics.