My 2018 camping adventure ends on October 31st, and as quick as it is gone, another season begins. Halloween? Nah, it's a goner. Thanksgiving? Nope. It's time for the Christmas season. Are you excited?

We all lament how the Christmas season keeps expanding every year. I think that's a pretty accurate statement. When I was younger (no, not many decades ago. Well, maybe), the Christmas season didn't begin until after Thanksgiving. That's how it should be in my opinion, but not anymore.

I remember the slow progression. We heard commercials promoting selling holiday items just before Thanksgiving, and then it backed up all the way to Halloween. I have noticed over the past few years that decorations and Christmas trees (fake) started populating department stores even earlier.

During a visit to a department store in early September, I noticed a lot of boxes containing Christmas trees in one of the aisles. A couple of weeks later, they were all up and decorated, along with shelves of decorations for sale. It was still September! The Halloween costumes were a aisle behind the Christmas trees and decorations, almost out of sight.

While I have not heard any holiday advertisements or seen any holiday flyers yet, you know once the Great Pumpkin flies out of the Pumpkin patch on October 31st, all bets are off, and the Christmas season will be in full force for the next seven weeks.

I feel sorry for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's almost become just a day before Black Friday, and not even that, as some store open during the evening of Thanksgiving. I suppose if that's what excites people, so be it, but maybe it would be a good idea to set aside some thought about the Thanksgiving holiday before the madness really begins.

So, with all of that, can I get a jump on the holiday and let you know what I want for Christmas? No, huh? Well then, I'll wait until November 1st. Happy Holidays.

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