While we all love Classic Rock, every so often I get hit with a good memory of a song we are playing. That can be said of most Classic Rock songs, and that's why this music will always be popular.

Given the fact that many of us grew up on the music we play on 99.1 The Whale, there are memories attached to these songs. Some more than others. For example, I have fond memories of the summer the The Doors Riders On The Storm came out.

It was 1971 - the summer before my high school junior year, and some of my friends, who were all neighbors in a rural part of Schuyler County, NY where I grew up, were soaking in as much of the summer vacation as we could before going back to school.

I remember listening to the song on the radio from a far away station in the evening hours. Our local radio stations used to sign off at sundown, so we relied on those powerful AM radio stations from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Buffalo to hear the hits.

Riders On The Storm was one of the anthems of our summer in 1971. Maybe you have memories that trigger when you hear this Doors classic. Take a moment, enjoy this video of the song and bring back some good memories.

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