Triumph said that their long-awaited documentary movie, Triumph: Rock and Roll Machine, will premiere with a global streaming event on May 13.

The presentation will begin with an exclusive Q&A session with Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Moore. Tickets are available via all over the world, except for the band's native Canada. It’s available via Crave there.

"The TIFF-selected documentary is described as a 'celebratory, exhilarating thrill ride through the history of one of rock's legendary acts,'" Nugs said in a statement. "During the premiere on May 13 at 8:30PM ET, fans on laptop or desktop computers can interact and chat live. If you can't make the premiere, you can still enjoy the film. Purchase tickets through May 15. Every ticket includes 48-hours of unlimited on-demand viewing from the first time you press play. On-demand access will be available through May 30.”

The movie was directed by Sam Dunn and Marc Ricciardelli of Banger Films, known for their work with Iron Maiden, Rush, ZZ Top and others. “The Triumph story was compelling to me, Marc and the Banger team because it was an opportunity to piece together a broken puzzle,” Dunn said. “We wanted to know how and why the band dissolved at the peak of their powers. It was quite the ride.”

In 2019, bassist Levine told UCR that it had been worth the years of effort to make the movie to their satisfaction – including the staging of a short reunion set in front of 300 fans. “Films generally take forever to make anyway,” he said. “But as far as I'm concerned, it's been more than worth the wait because, in our opinion, Banger is the gold standard of rock docs. … Having these guys take charge of the project was more than ideal. They did an incredible amount of research on the group, and even borrowed items from the University of Toronto’s Triumph Productions archive, to which we had donated our tapes, videos, outfits, the whole nine yards.”

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