We have recently came up with an idea to show you some awesome places to visit that you can reach on a tankful of gas or less from the Binghamton area.

Last week, I journeyed to Scranton, Pennsylvania with one of my co-workers from 98.1 The Hawk, Traci Taylor, her son and our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley Surkin. We were hoping to find a few great places to visit in the Scranton area, and find them we did.

Last week, I blogged (including video and pictures) about our stop at the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour which you should definitely check out.

For part two of our trip, we visited the Steamtown USA Train Museum and National Historic Site. I have always been fascinated with trains, and this was sure to be an exciting part of the trip. It was easy to find, the people at the ticket booth were so nice and very informative.

Once inside the Roundhouse, we saw a short film about the history of railroading in and around the Scranton area, walked around the museum in and out of various trains and boxcars, and even took a short train ride on a Lackawanna & Western Railroad Train, complete with narration of railroading history in the Scranton area. There's a lot to see, learn and experience for the entire family at Steamtown National Historic Site, and it can be done in just a couple of hours, so you have plenty of time for other sightseeing in the Scranton area.

We didn't have time to do this, but across the parking lot from Steamtown, there is a Trolley Museum you can also check out.

Next Friday, for part three of our Scranton experience, we go to the University of Scranton and 'The Office.' Check out a short video of our train experience below, along with some pictures we took. Get more information here for the Steamtown National Historic Site. 

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