A reboot of the legendary gross-out superhero film The Toxic Avenger is in the works. Thirty-five years after the film’s debut, Macon Blair (Green Room, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore) has been tapped to write and direct the anticipated film.

Over the years, The Toxic Avenger became a cult classic, telling the story of a 98-pound weakling who becomes a deformed crimefighter after falling into a drum of toxic waste. The movie spawned three sequels, an animated spin-off, a video game and even a musical, but the original still stands above the rest in iconic status.

“Delighted, excited, humbled, honored, and properly terrified. And the press photo rules,” Blair tweeted.

The new Toxic Avenger flick will aim to be hilarious and brutal, introducing the freakish and misunderstood hero to a new generation of fans. No potential release date has been announced, but fans will hopefully be watching a new Toxic Avenger film within the next couple of years.

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