To some people I may this big tough guy that never cries or is not afraid of anything, Truth is I am just like almost anyone else. I have my fears and my phobias, I just don;t like to share them with anyone...



Till Now!



Here are the top ten things I am most afraid of!



1. Trying to leap frog over certain types of poles


2. Psychiatric wards


3. Being questioned by the Cops.


4. Calling in sick when I really am not and getting a live person on the phone.


5. Bees that dart out of nowhere


6. Eels


7. Public restrooms that are out of toilet paper


8. That 'pull my finger,' gag.


9. Clowns


10. Gene Simmon's Tongue. (it looks like a nasty freaking eel!)




What are the top ten things you are "ASCARED" of?

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