I just had to throw these comments up, because I am perplexed.

We have an obesity problem in this country. Duh! The government keeps putting new healthy eating guidelines for children in schools. Right. So why are companies doing things like this to us:

A minor league baseball team has released that they are going to offer cheeseburgers between funnel cake  and grilled cheese sandwiches with a big fat burger in the middle at their park.

Oreos is releasing cotton candy cookies on the heels of their red velvet cake version.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have revealed their new stadium food, an 1100 calorie churro wrapped in a long john doughnut bun. 1100 calories!

And now Prairie Farms is coming out with Peeps flavored milk in regular marshmallow, chocolate marshmallow and Easter Egg Nog flavors.

How are we supposed to be responsible for our actions with temptations like that? What the hell? We aren't Gods!

Can't companies act responsible to help us? Just asking.

Now where's that churro??