Tony Iommi, while looking back on a year of firsts, said he intended to make more music in the style of his recent perfume-themed track “Scent of Dark.”

In a new year message to fans, the Black Sabbath icon also reflected that he’d had a “busy” 2021 and observed that “time just flies by so quick nowadays."

“A couple of interesting things [have] happened to me in the last year, one being they’ve named a fossil after me — a 480-million-year [old] fossil [called] Iommi, which I'm really proud of,” he said. “It’s brilliant! I never thought that would happen. And the next thing that happened, which again I would never have believed, is I’ve got my own perfume out. … That’s really great for me because I’ve always been interested for many, many years in different colognes and aftershaves and whatever else.”

Iommi said the Scent of Dark project took two years to complete, including writing and recording the song. “I really enjoyed it, and the response has been fantastic,” he noted of the music, which includes a string section. “I’m going to continue in that vein of writing stuff like that. It was a great experience. … My wife played the ghost at the end of the video, and [at] the beginning, so have a look!”

He also touched on the track he wrote for Ozzy Osbourne’s next album, enthusing about how it turned out. “He’s done some great vocals on it," he said. "I was really pleased with what he’s done — he’s singing really well.”

Iommi took time to thank his friend and manager for 30 years of service “night and day,” and he concluded by thanking his fans and wishing them “all the very best for 2022.”

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