Todd Rundgren has revealed a release date for his new album, Space Force. It will arrive on Oct. 14, more than a year after he announced the project.

Like Rundgren's last album, 2017's White Knight, Space Force features collaborations with several artists, including the Roots, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Steve Vai, Neil Finn and others.

You can see the album's track listing below.

Rundgren explained the delay in the album's release in September 2021. "The issue is if I were on a different label, it would be out this year," he told UCR. "But I’m on Cleopatra Records, and they’re very much into the material releases. They’re an old-fashioned label, in a way. They don’t want to stagger the releases of the various formats. They want online, CD and LP – vinyl and everything – to all happen at once."

You can hear a new song from the album, "Puzzle," featuring Adrian Belew, below. *(Rundgren and Belew are also scheduled to hit the road together this fall for a Bowie tribute tour.) Rundgren had previously released "Espionage" from the LP.

Unlike White Knight, which Rundgren wrote primarily by himself, Space Force is mostly made up of tracks written by others. "Almost all of the songs came to me as demos that were never completed," he said. "So, you can look at the songs on Space Force as songs that you would never have heard unless I had somehow gotten my mitts on them."

Space Force is now available for preorder.

Todd Rundgren, 'Space Force' Track Listing
1. "Puzzle" (with Adrian Belew)
2. "Down With the Ship" (with Rivers Cuomo)
3. "Artist in Residence" (with Neil Finn)
4. "Godiva Girl" (with the Roots)
5. "Your Fandango" (with Sparks)
6. "Someday" (with Davey Lane)
7. "I'm Not your Dog" (with Thomas Dolby)
8. "Espionage" (with Narcy)
9. "STFU" (with Rick Nielsen)
10. "Head in the Ocean" (with Alfie)
11. "I’m Leaving" (with the Lemon Twigs)
12. "Eco Warrior Goddess" (with Steve Vai)

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