Alright, today is the last day I will obsess about this. That is until next year around this time.

Today (May 1st) is for me, the most wonderful time of the year. Yep, it's a phrase you hear around Christmastime, but I prefer to refer to it on this day. That's because it's opening day at my campground. Well, it's not MY campground, but it's where my camper is parked.

The gates open today, and as you read this, I am already there. Excited? Damn right I am! My routine is to hook up electric, water and sewer, open up the slides, turn on the refrigerator to get the beer chilling, get everything out of my van and put away in the camper and then go visit my camp friends for a warm fire and cold beer.

If it's raining (or snows), the plan stays the same. No type of weather is going to spoil my fun. I've waited over six months for this and dammit, nothing is going to prevent me from the most wonderful time of the year. Oops, hope I didn't jinx myself by saying that.

Anyway, here's to an awesome day. If you are like me and love to camp, gather around a fire ring with friends while sipping on some refreshing beverages, I wish you a very merry camping season!

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