The National Day Calendar lists the first Saturday in May as Free Comic Book Day. It a day of comic book celebration and to support your local comic book store.

Comic books have been around for a long time, and pretty much every kid grows up enjoying the many choices of comic books. I know my siblings and I did.

Today is the day when comic book fans and collectors come out to the local neighborhood comic book store to honor the comic book. When I was growing up, my favorites were Superman, Batman, the Silver Surfer and The Green Lantern.

I probably had some early editions that in today's market may have been worth something, but you don't think about that when you were a kid. I have no idea whatever happened to my comic books. They probably ended up torn, destroyed by my younger siblings or just thrown away.

Just like my baseball card collection, I bet there were some gems in that collection that today would bring in a couple of dollars, but both my baseball cards  and comic books are long gone.

Well, on that note, happy Free Comic Book Day!

via National Day Calendar

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