At the end of this month, I need to renew my van registration for New York State. I usually wait until the last minute to do so. It's not cheap, well at least for a van registration. This time around, I am debating whether or not to order the new plate design that just became available.

When I heard a new New York State license plate had been designed, I thought that was odd, because it didn't seem like the current one has been around for very long. Well, I looked it up, and the latest plate became available to purchase in 2000, so it's been ten years. I still see a lot of the previous plates on vehicles, and that plate first came on the scene in 2001.

I've always been excited to get the latest plate when they become available, but after seeing the new plate that became available in the last month, I wasn't very impressed. Well, that was before I saw it on a car. Last week, while I was waiting in the drive thru line of a bank, I noticed the car in front of me had the new plates, and I really liked how it looked.


So, when I got home, I went online to check what my cost will be. To keep the plates I have now, it will cost me $125 dollars. To get the new design, it will cost me $150, and to get the new design with my current plate numbers, it will cost me $170 dollars. That's a lot of money, but it is good for two years. Which do you think I should go with?

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