The warm weather season is here, that is if you can see it around the constant rain and cool temperatures that keep coming back. With that, so are some of the annoyances of the season.

Being that I have pets, this time of year is always fun attempting to keep them and those lovely fleas separated. Fortunately the past couple of years, I've had no issues. There are several kinds of flea deterrents available. Some work better than others.

In the past, I've had some nasty years where those pesky fleas were almost impossible to get rid of, but eventually I was successful to get them off my pets and out of the house.

Now, in addition to flea issues, we have ticks to bring on another level of stress. This issue has been in the forefront of the news alot lately, and it's a serious issue. Ticks can bring on some serious health issues, not only with your pet, but with humans as well.

When I'm at the campground taking the dogs out to do their business, they prefer the high grass or the edge of a tree line. It's a perfect place for ticks to hang out waiting to hop aboard humans and dogs. And so my paranoia begins.

I do check them over (and myself) to make sure we are all tick free, but it's so frustrating since instead of enjoying the great outdoors walking the dogs (or taking them out to do their business), I'm constantly looking for ticks.

So far, no ticks, but if any hop aboard, I'm well prepared with tick removers, although I would love nothing more than to not have to use it. Welcome to summer!

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