This year will make the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic Syfy adventure in television and movie history, airdate September 8, 1966.

I don't remember the show until it was in reruns, but I have seen every one of the original 79 episodes and all of the movies.

In spite of its poor ratings ultimately causing NBC to cancel the show after its three season run.

I have been a trekkie my whole life, but I am true to the original set of characters and never cared for the next generation episodes.

I loved the first five movies that featured the original cast and their characters.

In 2009 JJ Abrams rebooted the original movie with new actors playing the original series characters.

Abrams followed that movie with 'Star Trek:Into Darkness' and the latest that hits theaters this month 'Star Trek:Beyond'

I think the new movies will introduce another generation of movie fans to the enduring characters and the respect and love they all share for each other.

I always loved the banter and bickering between Dr 'Bones' McCoy and Mr Spock.

We will miss the late Anton Yelchin who played Pavel Chekov in the Abrams reboots.

Space The Final Frontier.

Enjoy some video clips of the original series and some interviews behind the scenes below.