Urban legends are a part of pop culture. Most people don't really believe in these legendary stories, but the allure of them is why they have lived on for years.

The two most famous mythical creatures that some claim to be alive today are the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

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Bigfoot, while not something I believe in, is at least somewhat believable to a degree -- more believable than the Loch Ness Monster, simply because it would be easier to hide in the wilderness than a single body of water as big as Loch Ness.

It may surprise you that there have been plenty of Bigfoot sightings in New York State, dating back many years. Yes, that includes recent sightings over the last decade.

In fact, New York Bigfoot sightings (reported) are kept track and used in Google Maps. It's staggering just how many sightings we have had and as you can expect, there are regions where sightings are more common than others.

New York City, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse and Rochester downtowns are not where these sightings are happening, but as you would have guessed, the countryside and wilderness is prime pickings for Bigfoot encounters.

Could there be more than one Bigfoot creatures in the United States? Maybe one in the Pacific Northwest and one in New York or the Adirondacks? Bigfoot sightings happen all over the country, in fact.

Below seem to be the biggest concentrated areas of Bigfoot sightings in New York State.

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