Last weekend was Easter. I went to our family gathering at my sister's house and ate a lot of food. We've been eating leftovers for most of the week. Well this weekend, we get to do it all over again.

Orthodox Easter is this Sunday. My wife Chris's mom used to celebrate Russian Easter. Since she was a kid her family always had a traditional Russian Easter dinner. A couple of years ago, Chris and I started hosting a Russian Easter get together at our house.

Chris's cousins come over for dinner and some games afterward. Everybody brings something like a dessert or wine, but when it comes to the dinner, Chris cooks all of the food.

In the days leading up to Russian Easter, Chris is in the kitchen cooking and baking. Every year she makes homemade Paska (Easter Bread), homemade chicken soup, halupki (pigs in the blanket), ham, kielbasa, hrin (beet relish that is made with horseradish from our backyard), pressed cheese, hrutka, (sweet scrambled egg ball), and more. Not to mention the homemade desserts like Buchta, which is a nut roll, and lekvar roll.

If you celebrate the Orthodox Easter, Happy Easter!

Russian Easter

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