You're leaving town for a new adventure somewhere else in the country, or maybe the world. What would you miss from here when you are gone?

Some people will say they'll miss absolutely nothing. Couldn't wait to get out, and maybe that will remain true, but even for those people, I think deep down there would be some things they would miss.

I'm not originally from the Binghamton area, but if I did leave, there are several things I would miss. One thing I would not miss, would be the Winters. Not a fan, but I've dealt with it for most of my life.

So, what would you miss if you moved away from the Southern Tier? Here's a few things on my list if I were to move far away.

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    Yea, you can make your own, but I could not duplicate the kind made here.

    Traci Taylor
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    It can be hot and muggy, but it's nowhere near as hot and muggy as many other areas of the country, and the Binghamton area is so beautiful during the warm weather season.

    bubaone, ThinkStock
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    Local Restaurants

    No need to name them. We have so many, and the choices are so diverse. If I moved away to a small town, I would not be happy with the lack of choices. I love the small diners here in the Binghamton area.

    Don Morgan photo
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    Over the last 40 years, I've met and made so many friends, it would be sad to say goodbye to all the great people who call Binghamton their home.

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    Our Geographical Location

    Think about it. We have three interstates running through town that will quickly get you to other places to visit in New York, along with Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Canada and even New Jersey (what?) We've got the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, the Atlantic Ocean, all within a short drive. Try that after you've moved to the middle of Nebraska.

    Photo Doug Mosher