Are you starting to sound like your parents?

Every weekday when we fire up the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show on 977/973 The Wolf, we give everyone a fun chance to win a nice prize to start their day with a little "we ask, you answer" trivia contest.

We call it the "Early Morning Brain Stimulator" and most days the question is not to hard like today. If you missed the question, we asked, "This is the #1 phrase parents say to their children that their parents said to them. What is it? Hint-involves a tree."

Congratulations to Devin from Walker Valley, who called in the correct answer, "money doesn't grow on tree's." How many of us have heard that before? When I was younger my mom had a little variation to that phrase, anytime I would ask for something that was not in our budget she would say, "Stop asking me for things we can't afford, money doesn't grow on tree's, we don't have a money tree in the yard, do we?" That was all she had to say and most times I would stop asking.

I know that at one time or another I have said that exact phrase to my kids before but the one phrase that I say to my kids all the time that makes me sound like my mom is, "I was part of bringing you into this world, keep acting this way and I'll take you out of it".

Anyone else ever hear that one? LOL! Is there a phrase that you say to your kids now that makes you sound like your parents?

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